CPS Preschoolers Gifted Bikes, Helmets While Learning About Bicycle Safety

June 17, 2021

By Natalie Clark, WLWT

 preschoolers in helmets riding bikesAt Rothenberg Preparatory Academy, education continues through the summer, helping to keep children safe.

Preschoolers learned about bicycle safety during a program presented by Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

"This is something we want to start early and we want it to be a habit," Dawne Gardner said.

Gardner is an intervention senior specialist with Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

While teaching the children, she used an egg as an example of a brain and protected it with stiff foam which represented the helmet.

She then used an unprotected egg, simulating what could happen to an unprotected brain.

"We wanted to make sure the kids understood why it’s safe to ride with a helmet." lead teacher Kimberly Traylor-Lowe said. "You see a lot of kids out riding and they might not have a helmet on and we want them to educate their parents and their families and community members."

Then it was time to put the lesson to use.

After learning how to put on a properly sized helmet, the children went outside to learn how to balance on a bike.

Gardner said early education is crucial when it comes to protecting children and their families.

"A helmet is the single most effective piece of equipment to prevent head injuries. It can reduce the risk of head injuries by at least 45 percent and that is huge when we talk about protecting your brain," Gardner said.

In all, 70 bikes, protective wear and helmets were donated from First Student, Universal Transportation and Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

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