Rothenberg Preparatory Academy understands that it takes a village to raise a child. As your partner in educating your child, we have provided a variety of resources for you. All pf the people listed can be reached by checking the staff list.

Intervention Specialists — Fondrea Cooke (K-3), Jennifer Scheiderer (4-6 Math), and Janet Albright-Willis (4-6 ELA) are teachers who help students develop critical-thinking processes and problem solving abilities, and support their learning in the core subject areas.

Occupational Therapist — Jessica Sabering works with students who have been identified as needing help with their handwriting, fine-motor skills, and sensory, visual and perceptual processing. She is available on Mondays and Fridays.

Psychologist — School Psychologist Tiaunne Duffy's duties include administering school-related psychological tests, working with students to ensure optimum educational opportunities through special education or related classes, and working with parents and teachers to resolve in-class student problems.

School-Based Mental Health Therapist (Full Time) — Our school-based mental health therapist will assist students with behavioral and emotional concerns.

School Nurse (Full time) — Shannon Celarek is our school nurse. She provides nursing care and health education to our students. Her primary focus is ensuring health and safety for all students.

School Resource Coordinator (Full time) — Barbara Bell recruits tutors and maintains resources to assist in the enhancement of our student’s academics, social welfare and mannerism. She assists in any way for the betterment of our students' everyday environment, such as clothing, food and appearance.    

Speech Pathologist — The speech pathologist provides direct, consultative, diagnostic and intervention services for preschool through eighth-grade students with identified or suspected communication impairments. She works with students who have speech and language difficulties Mondays through Fridays during the school day.

Tutors/Mentors — Rothenberg is very fortunate to have Crossroads Church, Dinsmore, Huntington Bank, Cincinnati Country Day School, University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Youth Collaborative providing our students with extra support in their academics.