• Quality CPS Preschool

    Our quality Preschool Program supports young children and families for lifelong learning.

  • Fostering an Environment of Innovation

    Our OTR neighborhood is an ideal incubator for fostering young entrepreneurs by partnering with local businesses and universities.

  • Outdoor Rooftop Classroom

    Our outdoor garden promotes wellness along with the opportunity to learn science, nutrition and gardening.

  • Partnering to build STEM Leaders

    Explainers at the National Air and Space Museum inspire life-long learners with science and technology.

  • Vision 2020: Student Enterprise

    Students have opportunities for hands-on, technology-rich learning experiences in economics, marketing and business planning.

Student Enterprise School

A neighborhood school and Community Learning Center, Rothenberg is preparing the region’s next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. Our Student Enterprise Program partners with local businesses and universities to provide hands-on, technology-rich learning experiences in economics, marketing and business planning for students. Read More About Our Student Enterprise Focus.

What’s Happening at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy

The health, wellness and safety of CPS students are our priority ...
Information on yellow buses for the new school year ...
The August 11 event is sponsored by the Carlos Dunlap Foundation ...

What's Happening at Cincinnati Public Schools

CPS will be giving updates to progress on the Strategic Plan this year ...
Superintendent Laura Mitchell will announce the District's three-year Strategic Plan ...
A Roadmap to Destination Cincinnati Public Schools will guide the district’s future growth …


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