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    Vision 2020: Student Enterprise

    Students have opportunities for hands-on, technology-rich learning experiences in economics, marketing and business planning.

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    Quality CPS Preschool

    Our quality Preschool Program supports young children and families for lifelong learning.

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    Outdoor Rooftop Classroom

    Our outdoor garden promotes wellness along with the opportunity to learn science, nutrition and gardening.

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    Partnering to build STEM Leaders

    Explainers at the National Air and Space Museum inspire life-long learners with science and technology.

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    Fostering an Environment of Innovation

    Our OTR neighborhood is an ideal incubator for fostering young entrepreneurs by partnering with local businesses and universities.

Student Enterprise School

A neighborhood school and Community Learning Center, Rothenberg is preparing the region’s next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders. Our Student Enterprise Program partners with local businesses and universities to provide hands-on, technology-rich learning experiences in economics, marketing and business planning for students in grades 5-6. Read More About Our Student Enterprise Focus.

What’s Happening at Rothenberg Preparatory Academy?

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Where Potential Becomes Opportunity

At Rothenberg, learning is embraced with love. Through a combination of high expectations and unique hands-on experiences, we are inspring students to find their passion — and pursue it. Our rooftop garden doubles as an outdoor classroom full of rich learning opportunities, and Rothenberg's revitalized Over-the-Rhine neighborhood is an ideal incubator for fostering young entrepreneurs. Read More About Our Exceptional Academic Programs.

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Our Principal Amber Simpson

Amber SimpsonWelcome to the website for Rothenberg Preparatory Academy! We are so excited about serving the students and families of Rothenberg this year. 

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